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Portland’s CW32 Pet Project

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Portland’s CW32 understands that our pets are part of the family and their care and well-being is extremely important.  The Portland’s CW32 Pet Project is dedicated to making a pet’s health and happiness a priority by providing information and resources throughout the year.


Spay & Save program - (ASAP- animal shelter alliance of Portland)- “reduced euthanasia in Portland shelters by 76” this is saving 91% of cats and dogs! This program offers free and low cost spay and neutering for cats owned by low income families. For more details or to register, to go to

Link your Fred Meyer card to OHS to support OHS while shopping at Fred Meyer. Visit Fred Meyer Community Rewards online * designate OHS and charity of choice, enter code 87015. Adopt or Sponsor a pet. For more details or to register, to go to

Pet Project Calendar of Events:

  • August 9: Canines Uncorked. All proceeds benefit the animals at Oregon Humane Society!
    Event Details
    What: Canines Uncorked Wine Tour of wineries that welcome you and your furry friends with food, contests, and special activities.
    Where: See the full list of participating wineries above. You can learn more about each at the North Willamette Vintners website.
    Tickets: The “License to Taste” Passport and Wine Tour Guide are $40 online; $45 the day of. All proceeds benefit the pets at OHS, and $25 of each ticket is tax-deductible.
    Full details here
  • November 16-17: Santa Paws…It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, Santa Paws is coming to town and wants to take your picture for a very small price benefitting the Oregon Humane Society.  The pet portrait event with Santa takes place at 8 participating Fred Meyer stores. For more details go to go to
  • November 25- December 24: Portland’s CW32’s Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive to benefit PONGO. Volunteers at the Pongo Fund have tirelessly been lending a hand when times are tough by providing quality dog and cat food for the companion pets of anyone in honest need. This past holiday season Portland’s CW32 viewers donated thousands of dollars to this very worthy organization benefiting thousands of hungry pets. You can find out more about PONGO by visiting


Keep your animal friends safe and healthy!


If your cat is having trouble urinating, RED FLAG this is a medical emergency.
How will you know?

1) Feline may be producing small amounts of urine
2) Likely will be crying in litter box

If your cat is coughing- RED FLAG!

Your cat may have developed asthma or has fluid in its lungs, and this requires immediate medical attention. *Common misconception that cats cough up hair balls, it is actually vomit*

Make sure your new pup is vaccinated against parvovirus- it is a common life threatening virus, puppies are especially at risk.


Is your dog getting too hot?

Go grab man’s best friend a kiddie pool and fill it up in your back yard!


This one is a great deal at Kmart!

Check out some of these awesome fenced dog parks you and your companion can enjoy during the summer heat wave!

• Alberta Park – Ne 22nd Ave & Killingsworth St
• Arbor Lodge Park – N Bryant St & Delaware Ave
• Couch Park- NW 19th Ave & Gilsan St


Does summer heat have your cat shedding?
Head to your local pet store and grab one of these:


groomIs your kitty too hot?


Here are some do’s and dont’s to keep kitty cool this summer:


• Don’t shave your cat!- If your feline friend is an outdoor cat, their fur actually offers them protection against the sun rays- thus preventing skin cancer and sun burn.
• Don’t forget to  leave fresh water every day! In multiple spots.
• Do turn on fans, close blinds and cool down your home as much as possible before leaving for work.
• Do freeze containers of water to leave around kittys favorite sleeping spot so they can cool down.



Pet Health Tips

things that can hurt your dog

Human summertime treats are not for dogs!

  • Beer – hops in beer is toxic to dogs, known to cause malignant hypothermia
  • Dairy – Ice cream, etc- most dogs are lactose intolerant
  • Corn – Digestive blockage
  • Avocados & Fatty foods (hot dogs, hamburgers) – will give your dog a really bad stomach flu, vomiting, diarrhea, heart congestion
  • Grapes – kidney and liver failure
  • Safe Summer Treat – Watermelon pupsciles – melon baller or cut seedless watermelon into cubes freeze, serve.



New Kitten Checklist

kitten checklist


10 Interactive Cat Toys That Rock

  • Da Bird – This toy is so popular you may have to get on a wait list. Da Bird is a rod with feathers attached, and it mimics the flight and sound of a real bird. It’s quite simple but provides hours of fun.
  • Crinkle Balls – These lightweight balls make a crinkling noise that drives cats crazy. They tend to carry these around and bat them with their paws. You can add excitement by rolling them across the floor.
  • Panic Mouse – This automated toy has a feather on the end of a wire that moves back and forth and has several speeds to choose from.
  • Mewvie Birdland Bonanza – This isn’t exactly a toy, it’s a DVD full of twittering birds and scampering creatures that will keep your cats entertained for hours. It can be set to play in a loop for those kitties that just can’t get enough.
  • Furry Mice – This simple cat toy has been around for ages and still entices cats today. Get one that has a cavity for catnip and you’ll really get Fluffy interested when you toss it down the hall.
  • Crazy Circle – This is a simple interactive toy made of a plastic ring with a ball inside it. There are paw holes all around it so your cat can bat the “prey.”
  • Neko Flies Cat Toys – Like Da Bird, the Neko Flies collection involves a rod and urges kitties of all ages to sharpen their pouncing and swatting skills. But this time, the dangling object is one of several bugs! And we all know how tantalizing a flying or crawling insect can be to a cat. They also have a mouse option for felines that prefer their toys with some fuzz.
  • Peek-a-Prize Box – This is a box with holes on the top and sides. Put your cat’s toys in it and watch them work at getting them out. Crinkle balls work well as do treats or treat toys.
  • Sisal Roller – This is made by LazyPet, which offers many interactive cat toy choices. The Sisal Roller has a base filled with catnip that is great for cats to scratch. It also has a dangling pom pom and jingle bells. The toy can be rolled to entice your cat to pounce or left standing for your cat to play with on her own.
  • Kitty Hoots Bobber – This toy has a rounded base that bobs back and forth when your cat plays with the dangling feather that extends from it. The bobbing movement is very interesting to cats.

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